February 2014 Thanks Greenlight, hi Kickstarter

A Big Thanks for all your support! Our submission on Greenlight was a great success. We have been greenlighted in 2 days, it’s incredible! We won’t break our effort as we will launch the Kickstarter this week, so stay tuned, and help us to make a great game for you!

October 2013 Kickstarter campaign announced

Exkee is about to launch its first Kickstarter and Greenlight campaign with its brand new game: “Kill The Bad Guy”. To learn more about this project, please go to our Facebook page.

July 2013 Release of a football game: Metegol

Release on July, the 18th in Argentina, at the same time than the related movie, of Foosball / Metegol, arcade soccer game for PC/Mac/Linux. The game is coming at the end of the year in Europe and US.

March 2013 Release of a simulator

After one year of development, Exkee has finally released a 3D road tunnel simulator, using the very latest video games technologies.